Ready toStart theMental Wellness Journey

With Coach Niki

  • Discovering ways to advocate for your child to help them discover hope and strength to fight their mental challenges.

  • Creating a "safe" home for your child to express themselves freely but respectfully; including suicide proofing your home. 

  • Coaching to help you carry out your child's treatment plan or yours

  • Partners with youth & young adults (8-25 yrs) and their parents

  • Purpose Coaching to help you find balance with self-care, pursuing your goals and dreams while caring for your mentally ill child. You cannot "pour out of an empty cup"

  • Developing preventive measures to be proactive to prevent hospitalization.

  • Help with identify triggers, early warning signs, and develop action plans for your child.

  • Creating a crisis plan

                                   Additional Supports:

  • An intimate community where parents can discuss their challenges and victories.

  • In person, telephone, online and virtual coaching sessions.

  • Direct connections to mental health professionals for not only there child but themselves.



****This is not a substitute for mental health treatment/therapy. However, it serves as a guide and most importantly support for you and your child's overall mental wellness.


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