Ready toStart theMental Wellness Journey
With Coach Niki
Coaching Plan for Parents and their Children & Young Adults

  • Walking alongside parents to help them discover ways to advocate and help their teens and young adults cope & fight through their mental stress to reduce the risky behaviors, self-harm, self-medicating or sadly suicide. 

  • Teaching teens and young adults RESILENCE and self-control.

  • Walking alongside parents, helping them create "safe spaces" in their home for their child to express themselves freely but respectfully; including suicide proofing your home. 

  • Walking alongside parents to help them carry their child's treatment plan provided by their therapists.

  • Development Coaching to help parents find balance with self-care, pursuing their goals and dreams while caring for their mentally ill child. You cannot "pour out of an empty cup"

  • Walking alongside parents to help them develop preventive measures to be proactive to prevent hospitalization and suicide.

  • Educating parents Help with identify triggers, early warning signs, and develop action plans for your child.

  • Assist parents with creating a crisis plan.

                                   Additional Supports:

  • An intimate community via Zoom meets where parents can discuss their challenges and victories.

  • In person, telephone, online or virtual coaching sessions.

  • Support with connecting with the right therapists, counselors or any other additional resources.



****This is not a substitute for mental health treatment/therapy. However, it serves as support system; support for you and your child's overall mental wellness on your journey.