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We Fight Foundation Inc. has partnered with Designed for Royalty (formerly known as Queen Series) in a collaboration that will be a game changer.  This powerful duo has a heart to serve and help those in need overcome hurt, pain, and mental health challenges.  It is what they call “A Place Where Self-Love & Mental Health Meet.”  

Nikita Powell-Cottman is the founder of We Fight Foundation Inc. and RallyUp Magazine.  Her mission is to provide support and services to those who struggle with mental illness as well as educate and support the people who care for them.  Tamika Woodard is the founder of Designed for Royalty, LLC.  A mentorship program designed to promote healing through hurt and pain while focusing on self-love. These are two very important missions that go hand in hand with one another.


It is said that this power team has everything they need to effect positive change in the community. Not only do they both love God who is the foundation on which they stand but they are also humble, devoted and committed to doing all that God has for them to do.  They give so much of themselves without a second thought and the community they serve is surely in great hands.  


They both have had their own personal struggles of physical and emotional abuse and even experienced their own bouts with mental illness such as depression and anxiety.  However, they are also the matriarchs of their families being the glue that keeps them all together.  They work full-time jobs but volunteer their time while serving the needs of others. On March 31, 2019, they held a Open House that launched this partnership into full force. This event was the introduction of what’s to come from the We Fight Foundation Inc. and Designed for Royalty collaboration.  


Nikita and Tamika have already begun putting in work with a full schedule of events that they will be hosting throughout the year.  Events include but are not limited to summer camps, support groups, workshops, networking events, rallies, and even a fashion show.  There’s nothing that these two will not do to help others but they hold each other up as well. They are showing that they are truly prepared to propel into their next level of ministry and outreach as God continues to download into them and give them the strength to walk in their purpose.  They do not take this lightly and are well on their way.  


These women who are also authors, motivational speakers, visionaries in their own rights truly appreciate the love and support received and ask for continuous prayer will on this assignment.  

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