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"A Kingdom Woman succeeds in conquering the Enemy's attempts to mess with her life and the lives of the people she loves." 

Niki Powell-Cottman

Niki Powell-Cottman, is a mental health strategist, trainer, parent coach, and recovery specialist. Niki has delivered interactive presentations and spoken on suicide prevention and youth mental health on various platforms. She also helps individuals combat the challenges that come with addiction recovery. In addition, Niki is impacting lives globally with her leading mental health magazine and movement #rallyup2savelives to normalize mental health and end suicide. With over a decade of education, training, and life and work experiences in the mental health field, Niki is helping strengthen families by cultivating hope and bridging the gaps between parents and their children. 


She is a spiritual warfare coach, intercessor, and speaker on the ministry side. She empowers women who genuinely want to be strong and take authority over spiritual warfare. Niki will pray with you, for you, encourage you, challenge you, but most importantly, help you deconstruct your mindset. She will help you break through your strongholds and soul times to gain complete victory over all challenging areas so you can walk fully in your purpose.

Personally, Niki has overcome adverse childhood experiences, teen pregnancy, domestic violence as a teen and adult, anxiety, depression, generational curses, demonic attacks, poverty, divorce, low self-esteem, identity crisis, the spirit of fear, and more not named. She has worked to change her narrative from a statistic and a victim of abuse to an overcomer. Niki blends her knowledge of biblical application and her pursuit of her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As well as her life experiences and over a decade of work in the mental health field to support, educate and help families gain mental wealth and live healthy mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual lives.

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