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Fighting to Prevent Youth Suicide and Raise Mental Health Awareness



We are the We Fight Foundation, a compassionate community steadfastly dedicated to combating the challenges of mental health among youth to prevent suicide. Our mission is a testament to our unwavering commitment: “We stand with parents and their children, fostering safe spaces and facilitating open conversations about mental health. Our approach embraces trauma-informed care, offering healing-centered programming, events, therapy support, essential resources, and community assistance. Together, we aim to reduce youth suicides and overdoses through

a united communal effort."

In a world where external pressures such as social media, peer influences, and adversities in schools or living environments burgeon, mental health issues have starkly intensified, predominantly among the youth. Minorities and underserved communities, especially those embroiled in traumas, violence, and systemic challenges, find themselves grappling most profoundly.

Why do we stand as pillars of support? Because, tragically, suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth aged 10 to 24, and homicide follows as the third. Our goal is to mitigate these heart-wrenching statistics by nurturing positive development, fostering mental wellness, and facilitating early interventions and treatments. The We Fight Foundation is not an alternative to mental health treatment but a powerful ally in bolstering any treatment plan. We are 'building hope in families' (BHIF)!


Image by Matthew Ball
Image by Matthew Ball

Empower Change:
Your Contributions Count

Every donation to the We Fight Foundation is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards mental wellness for our youth. Your generous contributions resonate as empowering tools that catalyze significant strides in our mission.

How are your contributions utilized? They breathe life into our projects, enabling us to foster safe spaces, facilitate essential conversations, and nurture resilience among the youth and their families. Funds are meticulously allocated to various initiatives such as using trauma-informed and healing-centered programming, therapy support, essential resources and support to youth and their families navigating the tumultuous terrains of mental health challenges especially in the communities of people of color.

Together, we can make a remarkable impact. Every dollar donated brings us a step closer to a world where our youth flourish in the warmth of support, understanding, and mental wellness.

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Image by Eye for Ebony


Image by Joel Muniz


7 Years and Counting...

Take a look at the last 7 years of We Fight Foundation's and Rally Up Magazine's journey.  Your support is making and impact and changing lives and We're Just Getting Started!

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