By: Talona Smith

Contributing Writer for RallyUP Magazine

I grew up in a small town where everyone knows each other…or at least know someone you are related to. A town where most of the communities rally together to support our youth’s education, athletics and activities. Our small town was shaken to the core when we lost two young men in their early 20s to suicide in the same year. Did anyone notice a sign? Did anyone know to look for a sign? Does anyone know the signs?

Men are fed images of strength at a young age. They are often told that “men don’t cry,” especially in front of women. They are told to toughen up. That crying is a sign of weakness.

How are men supposed to heal from heartache, grief, brokenness? Where are men supposed to go when they don’t have the answer or can’t make ends meet? How are they supposed to rest when they get weary?