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You're Not Alone

Serving Underserved and At-Risk Youth & Young Adults and their families

I Fight, You Fight, We Fight Together!

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Mom and Daughter

About Us 

After almost losing her daughter to suicide not once but several times, our founder's  mission is to provide a strong collaborative network of faith-based and mental health to educate families on how to support their children and young adults to cultivate hope, improve their mental health and prevent  suicide.

Meet the Board of Directors and WFF Developers

Nikita Powell-Cottman
Kenai Hollingsworth
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Nikita Powell-Cottman
Founder & CEO

Tamika Woodard
 Director of Program Development

Kena’i Hollingsworth 
Youth Mentor/ Mental Health Advocate

Suicide Survivor

Vanity Dawson
Director of Community Development

Tanzania Fair
(Director of Human Resource
and Grants 

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Mental health impacts our thoughts and behaviors, handling our everyday challenges, pain and sadness, unexpected events, everyday habits, and a general understanding of life. Mental Wealth helps us evaluate how happy we are with our lives as a whole, and more importantly, it gives us the tools that help us cope and deal with our 'inner world.' It helps us to thrive and protects us from poor mental health. Our Ultimate Guide for Mental Wealth contains educational, informational, inspirational, and relatable articles. Exclusive interviews with mental health professionals, organizations, warriors, and so many other aspects of mental health. Building mental wealth should be proactive. It should be a practice we all invest in throughout our lives. 


Niki Powell-Cottman

Get the Assistance You Need




We provide assistance to families in underserved communities who have youth who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) or at risk to have safe supportive, stable relationships and environments



It's not just about helping others or asking for help. It's also about recognizing that you need help and having the courage to get it.

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