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We Fight Foundation Inc. - founded 2016; is a community based nonprofit that serves as an advocate for those battling with mental illnesses. Although we are passionate about youths, teens, young adults and their families, we are committed to promoting mental wellness to prevent suicide for all! We Fight Foundation envisions wellness, dignity, and improvement in outcomes/quality of life for those who are “fighting to live."

What is RallyUp?


RallyUp is rallying up all our mental health/wellness warriors to FIGHT together! Not only saying #yournotalone but to be actively apart of the change by participating in the mental health community through advocacy, volunteering, providing resources, education and support.  Fighting together to remove all stigmas surrounding mental health.  To be a voice for all regardless of their diagnosis or mental struggles, we make sure they know it does not define who they are.

In addition, we have an Annual Rally at the Busboys &  Poet which is a celebration of LIFE... for our suicide survivors and mental health warriors. We highlight the person, their gifts & talents and NOT the mental illness. They get to express themselves through performance art: spoken words, poetry, singing, playing an instrument, dancing and some would rather just tell their story. It takes place on the anniversary of the founder's daughter first attempt of suicide. It serves as a reminder that God spared her daughter's life to carry out this purpose. 

"And we know all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." 

Romans 8:28

Our Founder Shares...

"What was meant for agony pushed me into my ministry"

In 2009, my oldest daughter had her 1st attempt of suicide at the age of 13; being bullied triggered it while the underlining illnesses were hidden. After getting past the denial phase, we tried mental health facility after mental health facility; different psychiatrists and therapists...and all kinds of medications! These were all bandages, patchwork, and temporary fixes. My daughter was wasting away mentally but GOD! God reminded me, that he would not put no more on me than I can bare. It was then I realized, I had to continue to fight and I had to do something to help her FIGHT! The days, months, years that followed this traumatic event  pushed me into my purpose and heightened the desire to bring awareness to the importance of mental health especially for youth, teens, young adults and their families.

I stayed in my war room praying, while educating myself on mental illnesses; in fact, I changed my pursuit to obtain a degree in education and obtained a BA in Psychology; understanding & education prevents suicide. In order to understand or help someone with mental illness, it is very important to educate yourself, but most importantly, I removed the “you” and “me”...and it became WE! This birthed... We Fight Foundation Inc. A foundation of love and support for both youth & adults and the caregiver (parent).They need to know they have our support because many of them are under pressure just trying to "make it" and live meaningful lives. They need to know they are NOT alone. I am trying to prevent another family from going through what we went through. Yes! my daughter received therapy and some cases medication but the part that helps her FIGHT on a daily basis is her support syste,m and I am first on the line to FIGHT with her! Support from your love ones is vital in this fight! NO ONE SHOULD FIGHT ALONE!

Our Community Support:

    • Help families build support teams for recovery and to ensure positive outcomes.

    • Help individuals who are under professional care to carry out their care plan by providing mental health coaching.

    • Provide strategies from personal experiences and education on how to cope and live meaningful lives.

    • Support groups for youth, teens, adults and caregivers.

    •  Community Mental Wellness events.

    • Seminars, conferences and workshops to spread mental heath awareness and suicide prevention in all settings; including churches and businesses.

    • Provide Mental Health tools and educational resources.

    • Mental Health Education and programs for schools.

Although my daughter fights daily she have learned that it does not define her! She can still work, go back to school and have a family if she choose to; she just require a little more support from her support team! This birthed #RallyUp2SaveLives Movement. This mental health movement demonstrates that people can thrive and live meaningful lives with mental illnesses and no longer have to fight alone. We will continue to support, encourage faith, strength, hope and a platform for our mental health warriors to shine. They need to know they are not alone! "I Fight, You Fight, We Fight Together!"

Join our Movement!

~N, Powell-Cottman (Coach Niki)

Founder & Chairperson of We Fight Foundation Inc.

Founder & Editorial Director of RallyUp Magazine

P.S. RALLYUP Magazine?

Our movement #Rallyup2savelives birthed RallyUP Magazine.  A platform to spread mental health awareness and suicide prevention. If you found peace, strength and healing in expression; whether it's writing, journaling, painting, poetry or fashion ...to name a few...RallyUp Magazine has a place for you!

I Fight, You Fight, 

We Fight Together!!!

Mother & Daughter 

Taking Mental Health by Storm!...They chose to FIGHT Together!

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Phone Number: (240) 34-FIGHT   /     Email: info@wefightfoundation.org  

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If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.
If you just need someone to talk to please call 240-34-FIGHT. 
Need help? Text FIGHT to 741741

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